HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 

AAITPRO employs a team of HIPAA experts that can identify gaps, perform internal audits, provide training, and make suggestions on ensuring HIPAA compliance for your practice. AAITPRO’s mission is to make HIPAA training and compliance fast, easy, painless, with minimal disruption to your business. We do all of the heavy listing so your organization doesn’t have to.

Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your healthcare environment and practices to ensure that your organization’s day to day operations are not in violation of any HIPAA regulations. We provide a variety of different trainings that are vendor agnostic and suited to your needs. Whether it’s individual HIPAA training to raise awareness and utilize best practices in the work environment, or organization/enterprise level training that involves a deep dive and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. The latter includes safeguard implementation and a robust 3 part compliance program including:


                  1. HIPAA awareness training to all employees that have access to PHI

                  2. Implementing formal documents and controls for the organization to protect and safeguard PHI

                  3. Training of a compliance officer (someone in the organization that will take responsibility for HIPAA and be the on-site expert)

SOX   (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)

AAITPRO has been entrenched in SOX since 2008. We have a highly in depth understanding of the complexities and expectations required when planning and delivering SOX readiness and compliance services. We take a collaborative approach that catered to our client to ensure that we work collectively with audit committees, client teams, and external auditors to meet the rigorous demands of the regulatory environment. Our teams specialize in communicating and working with auditors and audit committees within a framework that’s convenient for the client, and not disruptive to the work environment. Our objectivity and assessment quality can reveal any gaps, inefficiencies, or areas where strengths can be made in a company’s financial reporting practices. Like all of AAITPRO’s services, we are vendor agnostic and are able to scale to your specific needs and level of support.

Our experts can help you with:

- Defining scope, performing risk assessments, planning accordingly

- Preparing appropriate documentation on processes and controls – finance, applications, IT, general process controls

 - Evaluate individual and aggregate deficiencies and consult on remediation actions

- Identify and assess the design effectiveness of internal controls including appropriate documentation walkthroughs for reliance

- Perform testing and provide documentation and reports on operational effectiveness

- Provide SOX compliance training to personnel either to assign a SOX and compliance expert on site, or a company-wide training for all personnel employed by your organization

ISO 27000 Consulting and Implementation