Healthcare Services

Medical Transcription

In the field of MT, we have highly skilled transcriptionists on staff capable of transcribing medical reports in a variety of formats. We provide an agnostic solution to improve the transcribing process in relation to any type of clinical documentation of patient encounters, records, and/or administrative documents. In relation to collections, we take an innovative approach with this data and identify areas of inefficiencies, focus on reducing costs, and driving through the collections process.

Medical Coding

Our coders are backed by more than 15 years of experience and are capable of delivering a seamless service catered to your healthcare business. In today’s healthcare environment, we understand the challenge of receiving appropriate payment for medical services rendered.

From individual practices to large networks, we’re capable of ensuring that the appropriate payment is received for medical services, with specialties in both small individual practices and high-volume hospital settings.

Our proprietary workflow solutions go the extra mile by reducing lag, streamlining the claims submissions process, lessening the time and cost burden of administrative tasks, and improving finances. We take ownership of the receivables process so you can focus on providing care and saving lives.

Medical Billing

We follow the latest and most up to date billing methods and regulatory practices to meet client requirements. Our team is highly experienced with patient query handling, clean claim filing and tracking payments, receivables and insurance follow ups, and handling the managed care billing services.

We are well aware of the rigid system in place to ensure clean claims and work diligently to streamline the overall process.

We can be your full service billing partner. Try us for a 1 month free trial!

AAITPRO’s services are committed to provide accurate, timely and effective billing and coding services. Our highly trained medical billing staff is an extension of your office and work environment. It’s through our professional billing service where we can help you on areas where you need assistance. Our experts keep up with the latest technology to provide you with the very best in today’s industry.

We focus on our customers and clients, approaching each process with a diligence designed to increase your cash flow while efficiently managing all of your billing needs. Attention to detail is our strong suit.

Facing Billing Issues? Don’t worry, we are with you.

Through a meticulous approach, we will follow up on all claims and ensure that they get paid.

  • One Stop RCM Solution – We are an end to end service provider endeavoring to be a one-step solution for all your healthcare needs. Whether it’s revenue cycle management, medical transcription, or the IT needs of your healthcare organization, AAITPRO can do it all.
  • No more 120+ Outstanding AR - We have a track record of proven successes focused around improving cash flow, driving receivables and tracking down unpaid claims.
  • Automated Operations – Automate and standardize your medical billing with our feature packed, user focused tools
  • HIPAA Compliance – Reduce privacy risks and HIPAA violations through the integration of our certified compliance team.
  • 24/7 Services – AAITPRO is a 24/7/365 end to end solutions provide for your medical needs. Like with all of our solutions, our services run round the clock to ensure your needs are taken care of at all times.

AAITPRO services are committed to provide accurate, timely and effective billing and coding services. Our highly trained medical billing staff is an extension of your office. We are a professional billing service helping you on the areas that you need assistance.