Managed Services

Designing and implementing technology is not what it used to be. The proliferation of platforms and tools including a range of digital and analytical ones combined with a growing amount of process complexity, make integrating and aligning technology components with business processes an increasingly complex task. But don't worry, that's where we come in.


Many organizations are struggling to manage legacy systems and applications. They are caught between time-consuming helpdesk calls and difficult deadlines. AAITPRO can provide solutions to your organization’s infrastructure and increase operational efficiencies. We provide industry-leading reliable infrastructure services and solutions based on your organizations needs. Whether all you need is a consultation or a complete transformation we will do everything to make you a happy customer!

  • Managed SD-WAN
  • Managed Unified Communications
  • Managed Security and Firewall
  • Email Server Management (O365, Google, and more)
  • Virtualization
  • Portal Implementation
  • E-Learning Implementation


Information security is evolving with every passing day, not by choice. Organizations are continuously facing new threats to security every day. Security is a multi-disciplined subject requiring a number of different skills sets and knowledge areas. AAITPRO security experts are equipped with industry-leading tools and work rigorously to make sure our client assets are always secure!

  • Sharing Big Data securely
  • Development and Operations security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Cloud Application security

Cyber Security

Evaluate the overall state of your security with an objective view of your organization’s policies, controls and processes. We facilitate the development of an effective threat and vulnerability management program, pushing upon your security practices to help you continuously find, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. Our expert professional services and leading-edge solutions help to determine whether you have been compromised, and take new approaches to limiting dwell time and remediating intrusions.

Vulnerability Analysis

We define, identify, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in a computer, a network, or IT infrastructure. With security vulnerability assessments, we also predict and evaluate the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures. Unlike a penetration test, which exploits weaknesses in the architecture of a system, a vulnerability scan looks for known vulnerabilities in a system and reports potential exposures. With our vulnerability assessment tools, we will tell you where to invest in your cyber security resources.

Data & Application Security

Vulnerabilities in software have been the leading cause of security breaches. We offers a deeper look into challenges and solutions for implementing secure practices and building applications that automatically defend themselves and building a three layer fort to protect your IoT device. We also look inside blockchains and smart contract security to keep your application and data secured. By implementing secure practices during Agile development and increase standards of your application.

Identity & Access Management

AAITPRO works in sync with the operations of business in background, providing the right levels of access to the right users as your business transforms. Our services includes privileged access management, authentication, access management solutions and identity governance. AAITPRO can help your organization achieve a strong security posture and a seamless digital experience. Protect and manage access to privileged accounts in your organization with enterprise-grade password security and privileged access management.