Software Defined Wide Area Networks 

As your trusted IT and network solutions provider AAIT recommends SD-WAN solutions that are vendor agnostic or carrier agnostic. The ability to choose the technology that is right for your organization with the freedom of choosing what is needed is crucial for success.


Advantages of SD-WAN

Assured Application Performance - Transport-independent performance leverages the most cost- efficient bandwidth options and enables local internet providers to be used as an Enterprise-grade Wide Area Network.

Application-Aware / Smart QoS Customized prioritization of key application data traffic.

Business Policy Automation - Simplified IT operations, zero-touch deployments and one-click service insertion.

End-to-end Management - Direct cloud access with performance, reliability and security enable powerful end-to-end management.

Any Circuit - AAIT SD-WAN supports all Internet transport options. Fiber, EoC, Fixed Wireless, TDM, and 4G LTE are all available for utilization.

Any Network - Flexibility to leverage any Internet access regardless of Internet Service Provider.

Quality performance – AAIT provides Quality of Service over any network — no “best-effort” here.

SD-WAN is a game-changing technology!

Secure connectivity – Secure end to end connectivity with proactive monitoring 24x7x365.

Cloud VPN - Dynamic edge-to-edge communication via IPSec / VPN connectivity.

Active-Active Utilization - Leverage the total bandwidth of dual internet connections. If you have 2x 100mbps internet connections, you will now have 200mbps throughput with completely diverse paths.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery – Utilizing two circuits active-active will allow for sub- second failover between the connections. This keeps Internet-based phone calls and applications from timing out or dropping. An internet circuit might go down, but the end-user will never know the difference.

Global Availability – AAIT works internationally and can support your location in almost any part of the world!

WAN Optimization - Forward error correction improves the circuit performance, reducing jitter, packet loss, and latency of apps.

Vendor Management – AAIT’s support team is already working with most Internet Service Providers, so we will make circuit repair calls on behalf of our customers.     


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