AAIT is All About IT

Founded in 2010, AAIT was founded with the focus of providing complete end to end IT solutions for businesses. With humble beginnings, the company entered into the industry as a MSP, combining more than 40 years of IT experience across various disciplines into what has now become a complete solution that covers every facet of technology. Whether it’s building a custom user interface that makes a difficult process easy to use for your employees, or providing network and communication solutions to the most difficult locations in the world, AAIT has done it.

We take our ideas, combine them with the latest technology, to build proactive solutions for problems businesses face everyday. The company started with the task of providing a complete solution for oil and gas platforms 150 miles in the middle ocean. Most companies see that as a challenge, we saw it as a target. 9 years later, and we provide solutions that range from SCADA, complete ERP systems capable of competing with SAP, Hyperion, Great Plains, and P2 at a fraction of the price, to mobile applications, telecommunication services, hosting solutions in our Tier IV data centers or our private cloud.

There is no problem that we will not tackle.

Our Heritage

Everything we do is all about you and your business. From day one, our teams are tasked at taking care of your IT needs, providing and building your solutions, and identifying ways where we can technologically support the prospering of your business. We are focused around saving your business IT costs, generating additional revenue through agnostic solutions, and adding value.

Your mission, your cultural values, your work ethic matter to us, and we will provide the IT foundations you need so you can focus on your organization’s core business. Our technology may have evolved and our solutions may have become more sophisticated, but the most important thing to AAIT will never change: You.

Our Mission

Striving to provide you with the tools, solutions, and service to keep your business functioning at its very best.

Who Are We?

Headquartered in Greenway Plaza in Houston, Tx, AAIT has local offices located across the globe. We have consultants that are available for local meetings and for more than 10 years, have experienced exponential growth by providing solutions to our customers at costs that simply cannot be beat.

We do this by utilizing a business model that cuts the overhead of the big companies, and utilizing our technical experience to provide you with the right level of support needed for your business. Most companies have too much, and for it pay outrageous costs. We can bridge that gap.

Our strength lies in utilzing a dedicating sourcing team in line with our quality control division that works with you directly to gain an understanding of your business. Through that understanding, we establish your set of needs and provide you with options that are designed to give you more, for a lot less. The bottom line is important, but is second to building a long term technology partnership.

We have extensive experience in every technology discipline in multiple industries that include but are not limted to: oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical blending, finance and accounting, banking, healthcare, retail, procurement services, high performance racing, renewable energy, and education. As technology progresses, AAIT strives to remain at the forefront of that evolution while bringing those benefits to our clients.

It’s all about relationships, and we foster ours with care and dedication aimed at keeping our clients running in the most difficult of times.

Technology Partners

Organizations are continuously facing new threats to security every day. Security is a multi-disciplined subject requiring a number of different skills sets and knowledge areas. AAIT security experts are equipped with industry-leading tools and work rigorously to make sure our client assets are always secure!