We have helped a range of clients build their organisations effectively by utilising technology with security and top of the line management. AAIT is proud to partner with any organization no matter the company's size. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship and friendship with our clients. We have extensive experience across all industries. With innovation we align our services along various industry lines and all kinds, shapes and sizes of businesses, from small scale companies to multinationals and everything in between. Our highly-customized teams bring each client a deep expert perspectives and industry knowledge to offer them professionally qualified and business-centric solutions in an impressive range of sectors.

Oil and Gas

AAITPRO's support oil and gas serices that give you access to a fully staffed IT department for just the services you need, at a fraction of the cost of doing this in-house. Rather than having to invest hiring and maintaining a team of trained IT experts, you can save your business time and money on developing and maintaining your network infrastructure, email hosting, web hosting, data storage, data backup and network security by outsourcing these services to AAIT an all in one managed service company.

Health Care

We’ve helped healthcare organizations, doctors, labs, health startups to meet patient’s urgent requirements, through various easy-to-access web and mobile services across devices from fitness wearables to health apps to door-to-door medical facilities.


As financial services are driven by technologies, we create extremely compelling applications for various banking and finance groups worldwide to help them create loyal engagements with consumers through mobile devices and web applications.


Energy Services serves the completion, drilling and production-related needs of oil and gas companies worldwide through a diversified portfolio of specialized oilfield services and equipment that are used throughout the economic life cycle of oil and gas wells.


Our experience spans across the manufacturing industry in small batch production, package components, single parts, complete structures and assemblies that involve intricate machining and assembly. AAIT assigns the right team at the right tier to ensure the right support desk staff is solving the right problems.