Jidoka is an application intended to securely read data from remote locations and send it to a central server. The data can be accessed anywhere by mobile or desktop displays. Jidoka is a full-fledged SCADA platform that can also provide High-Level KPI and business objects type reports and dynamic dashboarding. It is also used as a robust IoT platform.

More About Jidoka:

  • We help our clients detect the issues with the project by implementing automatic testing and rejection of code. Our development team helps fix any issues with the project and identifies the root cause to fix the problems.

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Techadamics is an eLearning platform where we help schools use digital resources in a variety of ways. Electronic grade books, digital portfolios, learning games, and real-time feedback on teacher and student performance are a few ways we help empower learning.

More About Techadamics:

  • We help schools make many resources available online, including teacher and student portfolios, videos, lessons, and other resources.
  • We help schools make grades and feedback available to students via online grade books across all classes and grades.
  • We help schools utilize games and other forms of digital media to provide students with a design-led and inquiry-based curriculum.
  • The ultimate goal of this model is to use education technologies to support students in becoming active problem solvers and critical thinkers and to provide students with constant feedback on their achievement.

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Anodyne is a product offering in which a small GPS transmitter sends location information and optional readings such as temperature to a cloud server and then to Jidoka. It was originally conceived to keep track of shipping barge locations and applicable to other moving assets such as trucks, shipping containers, or even cattle.

More About Anodyne:

  • Anodyne is an application integrated with Jidoka specifically for container/barge/vessel and product tracking.
  • The ultimate goal is to continuously provide some measurement like level weight or package count of assisting in Loss Prevention and tracking.

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Black box testing


With the product, we help our customers with completely unbiased and accurate Black box testing.

Here is how it helps:

  • Unbiased tests because the designer and tester work independently.
  • Tester is free from any pressure of knowledge of specific programming languages to test the reliability and functionality of an application/software.
  • Facilitates identification of contradictions and vagueness in functional specifications.
  • Test is performed from a user’s point of view and not from the designer’s.
  • Test cases can be designed immediately after the completion of specifications.

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Business Fusion

Secure Connectivity

Individuals and organizations need to stay up and running and connected to collaborate, be productive, and do business globally right where they are. We help our customers make it possible to skip the commute, work remotely, and support their clients and employees in an instant.

This ability to do business remotely impacts customers, employees, and organizations alike:

  • Customers appreciate the convenience of not having to bring in an item for support or having a technician visit. They’re happier when issues are taken care of right away.
  • Employees are more productive when they have everything they need, including a lifeline to support, at their fingertips.
  • Organizations benefit from happy clients, higher employee productivity and satisfaction, and save on average $11,000 for every employee who works remotely half of the time.
  • And there’s the environmental impact to consider. Global Workforce Analytics estimates that working remotely just half of the work week could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million tons every year.

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