Threat & Vulnerability Management

Welcome to AAITPRO, a leading organization that helps you to catch a sophisticated attacker in time. Our threat & vulnerability management services identify the crucial assets, threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization. By using advanced tools, we always keep you many steps ahead of the attackers. In addition, we provide the expert team and technology to completely or partially control vulnerability management programs that meet your specific requirements.

As a reputed Threat & Vulnerability Management company, we help you define critical risk areas, analyze scan results, create a report for better understanding, and coordinate remediation activities.

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Our Unique Approach




Get real-time penetration into risk with constant vulnerability detection across the stack..

Execution Plan


Concentrate on the factors at the right time using intelligent prioritization employing business and threat context.




Enhance speed and reduce impact by connecting security and IT and creating the best remediation book.

Why Choose Us?

    • Effectively cover on-premise and cloud infrastructure, complex web & non-web applications, and IoT environment.
    • Accelerate security test delivery through the intelligent solution.
    • Centralize historical information repository of vulnerabilities for your business.
    • Give a clear view of the overall security ROI.