Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services

There is no denying the fact that one single stroke of cyber-attack can put your company at tremendous risk. Thus preparing your company from cyberattacks is quite essential for you!

We at AAITPRO are available with the best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services to understand this fact. We provide a vast range of VAPT services, from performing security audits, giving recommendations for security division, and monitoring security risk assessment to cyber forensics, penetration testing, black box testing, and beyond.

Our VAPT service covers complete assessment and monitoring to identify the existing vulnerabilities and flaws. In addition, we recognize the infrastructure loopholes that could lead to a cyber-attack and recommend related mitigation strategies.

Why VAPT Services Are Worth To Hire?

Enhance corporate network security aspect..

Prevent financial and reputational loss.

Protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and alteration.

Secure the data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

Earn certification in administrative compliance.

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Our Unique Approach


Data Collection

We create a comprehensive understanding of the network’s architecture, its functionality, and security systems. It helps us to evaluate network performance and the kind of risks it is exposed to.

Execution Plan

Build An Execution Plan

Based on our analysis, we plan out an execution plan for the network infrastructure and discuss the scope of work with the clients. We also explain the potential vulnerabilities in the network with them.


Vulnerability Report

We conduct automated and manual assessments to find every possible vulnerability. Additionally, we utilize open-source, propriety, and third-party tools to make sure that no vulnerability goes unrecognized.


Penetration Testing

We run exploits and dummy attacks to estimate the network’s security. To obtain a high degree of penetration, we use many advanced tools.

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation Report

As a result of our VAPT audit, we submit the final report. This report covers the detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities. We usually divide vulnerabilities into different categories like critical, medium, and low.



In the final stage, our experts recommend the most relevant solutions to fix the flaws. We suggest mitigation strategies to reduce the recognized vulnerabilities from the network as well.

Why Choose Us

    • Provide complete security solutions.
    • Work on advanced Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools.
    • Certified team of specialists.
    • Detects the risk level of your data.
    • Avail services at affordable prices.
    • Provide 24×7 Online Support.